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Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

I choose to know a vertical roller mill some details, and how to choose a vertical roller mill ?

Answer:Vertical Roller Mills became more and more dominant for grinding raw elements primarily for the cement industry resulting from their large energy efficiency and exceptional drying capacity. For a lot of years professional understand how collectively with our state-of-the-art technologies are already made use of to repair vertical roller mills throughout the world, escalating radically their lifetimes.

Vertical Roller Mill Advantages

  1. LM vertical roller mill machine is the only milling machine with hot blast stove mill. It has strong drying function and it can solve the problem of large material moisture and save energy;
  2. By adjusting the air temperature can satisfy the demands of different humidity material grinding;
  3. Automatic control system can realize the remote control, simple operation, reliable operation;
  4. The seal negative pressure system can guarantee there is no dust spillover and it is very environment;
  5. Little vibrating, low noise;
  6. This vertical roller mill can be installed in the outdoor and can save the investment;
  7. It covers half areas of ball mill machine;
  8. The roller and plate is made of high quality materials and it will prolong the service life.

How Vertical Roller Mill Works

It has two on the roller, just about every pair of roller by two narrow roller, is set up within the same axis, can rotate at distinctive speed. Plate among the roller as well as the relative sliding velocity is compact, can swing roller, roller shell and liner wear even just after CD can still assure good abrasive effect, is not going to have an impact on. Material grinding course of action: by way of the pressure on the hydraulic pneumatic roller device employed for material crushing materials, these resources are actually moved to the edge of the crushing plate, through the exhaust nozzle plate to enhance the material around the delimiter. Meal to separate returns soon after a concentrated mill, fine powder was collected from the precipitator unloading. From the gasoline movement is small, the meal can not be enhanced to enhance air movement, they would fall by way of the nozzle discharged outdoors the mill, bucket elevator to become transported on the feeder of vertical roller mill, and was re-grinding mill feed men and women. This cycle attributes with the way there:

Repair of vertical roller mill

Maintenance and repair of vertical roller mill can be a really technical and specialized business, which should be carried out by professionals. Using the expertise acquired from repairs globally, Castolin Eutectic has designed its personal specialized vertical roller mill plan, employing expert tools, extremely experienced technicians respecting our particular VRM welding method, and a exclusive EO8338 (open arc) wire formulated in-house by our Castolin Eutectic laboratories.

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