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SBM Hammer Mill Crusher

SBM Hammer Mill Crusher

Hammer crusher Prevalent Problems

The most important core components of SBM hammer crusher hammer is the transmission and axle, so the transmission shaft hammer typical constant operation as well as ability to immediately impact crusher crusher, therefore affecting the mine's manufacturing capability and economic efficiency. Before, the crusher for upkeep records observed the incidence of failure and broken hammer shaft gear accounted for more than 80%, and as a result to analyze its structure and make even more enhancements to optimize the design and style, will considerably increase machine dependability.

Common Complications gear

SBM energy transmission device is supplied for the crusher hammer shaft elements, mainly through the motor, coupling, reducer and couplings and also other elements, the original failure occurred a lot more common on this part of the coupling, the coupling through on the run-in time period damage is additional prevalent, couplers dilemma would be the instability with the preliminary manufacturing conditions fusible plug explosive, from the short run and pass on this issue immediately after fundamental teaching for workers is usually excluded.

Coupling injury mostly following elastic block is damaged, there is absolutely no time to exchange the 2 coupling halves lead to deformation, dress in severe inevitably fully scrapped. Examination on the damaged major motives:

  1. Overall, the coupling really should be said to belong to a part of the whole transmission chain is weak, and inside the force and vibration are a part of a bigger injury has its inevitability, put simply it might be observed being a total safety of other vital component components.
  2. The strength on the coupling itself is inadequate to produce precision essential to enhance, therefore cutting down the quantity of damaged substitute.

Common Troubles hammer shaft

SBM hammer shaft framework characteristics: hammer shaft is largely composed of spindle, hammer, hammer, bearing housings and bearings, seals as well as other ends. SBM hammer make use of fixed the broken ends of the bearing on the major frame, is usually installed at both ends with the spindle coupling, reducer output shaft linked to undertake electrical power transmission, the hammer axis starts operating. SBM crushing spindle velocity of about 400r/min, therefore spindle bearings lithium grease lubrication, grease by hand pump periodically injected from the operator. In the coal mine shaft hammer exist some challenges from the main spindle bearings or seals are broken; hammer badly worn or loose during the loss; tighten the nut loose rust can not be removed or upkeep. SBM crusher design master-class core engineering, hammer crusher all round performance much more reputable, powerful crushing capacity, to improve the production capacity of mining enterprises and financial rewards to add just a little oil.

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